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How To Prevent Shoplifting In Lansing And Additional Business Security Tips

December 03, 2021

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Preventing theft is a major concern for most companies -- even more so for smaller retail stores. And many neighborhood locations can’t afford around-the-clock security or other higher-priced anti-theft measures. Nevertheless, there are a few smart and affordable means to prevent shoplifting in Lansing to help safeguard your bottom line.

Here are some Lansing business security tips that are nearly effortless to incorporate and won’t discourage your regular clientele.

Consider Wireless Security

An essential element of your wireless security system is having equipment that you can effectively manage after it's been set up. A set of connected wireless security cameras is a wise place to begin and will assist in keeping an eye on your shop. It's recommended to choose devices that have panoramic viewing, detailed high-def resolution, infrared functionality, and motion sensors to detect nefarious actions. Hang a camera above the entrance and enjoy a total view of your shop, but don't forget to put them angled at the checkout counter and storeroom. These are known spots for thieves and will help your employees feel more comfortable when interacting with customers.

You could finalize your security installation with invasion sensors at the access points throughout your shop. The most comprehensive alarm system comes with 24/7 monitoring, which responds to a triggered event in a matter of moments. It’s also wise to invest in a configuration that utilizes a mobile app, so you can check on your property at any moment you want.

Display Notifications About Your Property’s Security

The top Lansing business security tips are generally straightforward but effective. For instance, posting warning signs at the front entrance of your business and around the checkout area is often a surprisingly effective tool in fending off shoplifters. As a the owner of a business, you want to be transparent with patrons, team members, and distributors that your property and inventory are defended. By just pointing out that your store is being monitored may discourage a possible shoplifter from considering a crime.

Manage Access To Specific Areas With Smart Door Locks

When you restrict admittance to areas like loading areas and stockrooms, you minimize the locations where shoplifting might take place. A swinging door or simple curtain simply don’t work, as you’re not able to lock them. But, if you incorporate a smart lock on your entryways, you can benefit from an additional degree of security for your non-public spaces. Then give every single member of your team a specific PIN, so when leave your employ, you can delete their PIN.

Improper Illumination and Crowded Displays Increase The Likelihood Of Shoplifting

Shoplifting is easier when prowlers are able to loiter in poorly lit spaces. Likewise, shoplifting increases with crammed shelving units and counters. Holiday specials and other sales are especially prone to arrangements that are difficult to keep in check. You probably also know that clearance items are sometimes shoved on a less conspicuous display, which makes them easy to slip into a pocket or bag without being seen.

In the event you find yourself with a rack with products regularly falling to the ground, cut the quantity to 2/3rds. That might seem a little drastic, but you will have the chance later to restock as needed. Just remember, you are more apt to spot something amiss when you are able to observe an unwanted space in your arrangement.

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