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Common questions about smart homes in Lansing

November 28, 2022
Close up security home system app on a smartphone.

You’ve listened to your friend mention how he can activate his lights with a vocal directive or schedule his thermostat to change settings on its own. Naturally, you would like to know more about how smart homes work and if they could make a positive impact on your daily routine. To help you gain more of an understanding, check out answers to a few frequently-asked questions about smart homes in Lansing.

How do smart homes work in Lansing?

All of your automated devices like lights, entry locks, thermostats, and surveillance equipment all have an important commonality - they need to be accessible via the internet. This connection is necessary for them to be controlled remotely with elements like a voice-operated speaker, central hub, or mobile security app. Your smart devices can even react to one another. For example, if your security camera detects a disturbance, it can prompt your lights to turn on.

You might hook up a couple automated light bulbs and a voice-operated speaker and say you have a smart home, but why stop there? Instead, choose a complete installation with connected lighting, cameras, home comfort controls, and other devices. Read why this option offers the greatest benefit.

How can a Lansing smart home benefit me?

It’s OK if you’re a little skeptical. Activating your lights with your phone is amusing, but you are wondering if your Lansing smart home will actually benefit you. As it turns out, it can, and in ways you might not have considered.

  • Protection: How would you like to have doors that automatically lock at specified instances or surveillance systems that will deliver video updates when unusual movement is observed? Devices including Vivint’s outdoor cameras even feature incorporated deterrents. Smart homes have a decided edge in regards to boosting your home’s protection.
  • Remote access: Knowing your automated devices are linked to the internet, leads to your ability to manage them remotely. Didn’t remember to shut off your lighting? Don’t worry about it. Merely go to the simple Vivint app on your mobile device and take care of it.
  • Handiness: Simplify your life by having your smart lights and door locks on a set plan. You are even able to carry out a range of operations with voice commands and an integrated smart speaker.
  • Money savings: If you put lighting and thermostat settings on preset plans and have the opportunity to manipulate your devices from anywhere, you can considerably decrease energy expenses.

Is it best to opt for 24-7 monitoring with my smart home?

Smart home accessibility and convenience are great, but what will transpire when emergency strikes? If you have 24-hour monitoring, those automated devices that send you alerts also notify your monitoring team. This lets you focus on the safety of your family while the monitoring agents reach out to emergency services. The advantages of monitoring are even more impactful if a predicament occurs when you’re away from home. Similar to most aspects of life, it’s generally smart to have a back-up plan in place.